All Forex Brokers Reviews: The Ultimate Guideline How to Start Forex Trading

What is Forex? How does it work?


Forex is another name for currency trading.

In forex trading, traders exchange currencies. So, you buy one, use the other. Not just people who do business in this market. In fact, 50% of Forex trading is interbank, meaning it occurs between banks.

Much like the stock market, in Forex, the goal of a business is to buy first and then sell at a profitable rate. So, if you buy a currency and start trading, you want to close the trade by selling at a higher price.

This is the basic principle of Forex.

Since you are trading one currency for another, it is a pair that you are trading. This pair appears as USD / JPY, for example.


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The free reviews allow us to understand from the point of view of a trader what they love or dislike about a foreign exchange broker and its offerings. Each of the websites for broker review includes articles written by a professional content manager or by affiliates of the broker. Do you believe they keep your best interests at the top of their list?

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